Inspection Preparation

Preparing for a home inspection

Call Anderson Home Inspection LLC for a pre-listing inspection. 50{a62ef645d0ff1bea472a55962ae31a12a43aa913b43df11392617cc25c4b2b0c} off our regular price. It’s half the time at half the price. Many home sellers just want to know which “major” issues may come up during the Home Inspection when they sell their home. They don’t want a full Home Inspection, just an idea of the condition of the major issues that might come up. You can then choose to address substandard conditions or disclose them. Call our office to learn more and decide if you would like a Modified Pre-Sale Evaluation or if you would prefer a full Home Inspection. You can also just wait for the buyer’s Home Inspection Report and be surprised!


  • A Home Warranty helps sell a house quicker. Consult your Realtor.
  • Add downspout extensions 5′ from the house to control basement seepage.
  • Maintain a positive grade of dirt away from the foundation for a minimum of 5′ – 10′ to direct water away from the house.
  • Check the attic for water stains and seal any leaks from the outside with roofing cement. Check chimney flashing, skylights and eave edge nail for holes and caulk with roofing cement.
  • Clean all gutters and check alignment. Replace rusted out sections.
  • Wash exterior siding and decks with bleach and T.S.P. to remove mildew and algae.
  • Clean masonry stoops and walks with bleach or mild acid and paint handrails with Rustoleum.
  • Caulk windows and door thresholds with a silicone/ latex or urethane caulk.
  • Freshly paint the front door, windows, trim and shutters for curb appeal.
  • Add flowers to brighten up the front flower beds.
  • Check the foundation for cracks. Consult a professional for cracks larger than 1/8″.
  • Check the attic rafters and exposed floor joists for stress cracks and repair the damaged area by fastening another board along side. i.e. 2 x 8 for 6′.
  • Look carefully for wood rot on exterior siding, chimney areas in attics and under plumbing areas. Repair wood rot areas and insect damage professionally.
  • Repair floor squeaks by screwing the sub floor to the joist and repair excessive floor sags with jack posts to shore up the low spots.
  • Have the furnace and air conditioning professionally serviced. Have the furnace checked for gas leaks, heat exchanger problems, etc. Get a written report to show potential home buyers.
  • Have any known electrical defects or amateur wiring repaired by a professional. Check the panel box for loose connections and moisture. Consider adding new lamps at the front door area for a good first impression. Add ground fault circuit interrupters to bathrooms and kitchens that are not protected.
  • Repair leaky faucets, loose toilets, plumbing leaks, and re-caulk the bathtubs with a tub/ tile caulk.
  • Clean all kitchen appliances and have equipment in working order.
  • Clean motor oil on garage floors by using a detergent to absorb the stain and then apply a concrete paint sealer to a clean floor.
  • Clean ashes from the fireplace and check the firebrick for cracks and the flue and the damper condition. Call a chimney sweep if there is more than 1/8″ of creosote build up.
  • Patch cosmetic sheetrock cracks. Paint dark rooms a lighter color.
  • Remove window screens for more daylight. Check windows for ease of operation.
  • Remove carpets over hardwood floors. Clean and wax as needed.
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned and stretched if necessary.
  • Clean all bathroom tile and re-grout if needed.
  • Add 6 mil polyethylene over exposed dirt in any crawl space as a vapor barrier.
  • Run a dehumidifier and connect into the condensate pump to provide a dryer basement.
  • Check all exhaust fans, whole house fans, ceiling fans and attic fans for operation. None should vent into attic space. Contact a professional to divert fan exhaust through the roof or sidewall into the atmosphere.
  • Check doorway framing and settlement and make sure all doors work freely.

CAUTION: It is considered fraud to disguise known defects in your house, i.e. wet basements, painting water stains, etc.