Covid-19 Home Inspection Statement

Anderson Home Inspection LLC is open and performing inspections!

COVID-19 Statement

Safe inspections!

Home inspections are a vital part of the Selling/ Buying process and can continue during the COVID-19 outbreak when prudent safety precautions are practiced, and when performing the inspection does not conflict with government orders and recommendations.

People should be aware that the COVID-19 pandemic situation is changing constantly and should monitor the CDC for official updates and recommended behavior.

  • IMPORTANT: Some people can be a-symptomatic yet can shed high titers (droplets) of virus.
  • If you wish to attend the inspection, we recommend coming near the end and walking through the home discussing the findings of the inspector.
  • We advise you not to bring children, relatives, contractors, and others to the inspection.
  • Out of respect for the seller, wear nitrile gloves throughout the inspection as you will likely be touching faucets, door knobs, windows, etc.
  • Though sneezes and coughs will send microscopic particles a greater distance, normal breathing is also a source of transfer. Wearing an N95 mask is advised.
  • Wear disposable shoe covers when entering the home.
  • Do not shake hands, bump fists, or touch elbows.
  • Use hand sanitizer before entering and before leaving the home.