Anderson Home Inspection Services

Thermal Imaging

Help lower energy costs with the power of thermal imaging!

With our thermal imaging technology, we can show you where insulation is missing in walls and ceilings. Add insulation where it’s needed and help lower your energy costs!

Ever think the coldest part of a ceiling would be the middle?

If you want to lower your heating and cooling bills, we can locate the areas that are costing you money.

How about an attic hatch being one of the best insulated parts of a room?

Who would have thought there would be these kinds of voids in the attic insulation?
Not only can we see thru walls to find those leaky pipes and where that draft is coming from, but we also have complete energy audits for your home.

With our energy audit program we can show you the best places to start improving your homes insulation.

We take the guess work out of it and make sure you know what your house needs, an estimate of what it will cost to fix, and what kinds of savings you should see!