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Mold and Indoor Air Quality Sampling

We check your air quality in Southeastern Wi.

Concerned about mold or your indoor air quality in your Milwaukee & Waukesha home? We can help!
Are you curious about mold in the home you may purchase? While nearly every home has some presence of mold growth, some building types have a higher prevalence of actual issues with mold growth. If you are concerned, we can conduct initial testing to determine if a specialist should be consulted.

Homes that have a higher prevalence for issues with mold growth include the following:

  • Vacated homes. Homes that are not actively heated and cooled can have condensation issue both in the summer and in the winter, allowing for generalized mold growth on cool surfaces. Typically, the growth isn’t visible to the eye with the only clue being a general musty odor. This frequently occurs in cabins and lake homes that are not occupied in winter.
  • Homes with earth floors in crawlspaces or basements. Earth floors can release significant amounts on moisture into the space, allowing for mold growth on the floor joists and subfloor.
  • Homes with chronic moisture entry through the foundation.
  • Homes with carpeted basement floors and walk-out doors or operable windows. Humid-laden air that enters through the doors and windows often condenses on the cold concrete floor below the carpet and pad, allowing for mold growth.

The majority of the population does not exhibit noticeable health effects from exposures to mold or damp buildings. Approximately 25% of people do, however, experience varying health effects. People with autoimmune syndromes or other inflammatory-related disease, such as multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease, are fairly more reactive to mold and damp homes.

Discuss any concerns you have with mold or water damage with your inspector, especially if the home is at higher risk or the potential occupants have allergies or other immune-related syndromes.